For the Traveler

I love traveling. I have set a goal to goal to travel to one new place each year. That place can be a few hours a way for all I care, I just love to see new places! I am, however, headed to London in a couple months and I seriously can't wait. One of our customers is headed there as well for study abroad and I am obsessed with this custom Big Ben pendant she designed!

Every piece of jewelry tells a story. If traveling is part of your story, memorialize it with a custom pendant! Or give it as a gift to a traveler in your life. I guarantee that it will mean so much more if your design it yourself. 


This customer made this fun piece to remember her trip around Traverse City. Traveling isn't about how far you go or how much you spend, it's about who you're with and the memories you make. 


This customer made a long trip across the pond to Jerusalem! While studying abroad in the holy land, They made a great connection with a man who was deciding whether or not to become a Franciscan priest. They gifted him this Jerusalem cross necklace with the skyline on the back. What a beautiful and thoughtful present!

I love how jewelry can memorialize different experiences in our life. The trips we go on come and go, but the memories remain. Jewelry can help us keep those memories alive.