Uploading Your Own Image

Custom Jewelry - Upload your own image

See video for Upload your own image Instructions



Watch this video to see how to find your own images:



Uploading your own image:

Method 1:  When designing your jewelry piece:

how to uploade images on moment creator


IF YOUR IMAGE IS TOO SMALL (less than 200 x200) you will get an error message.  Try finding a bigger image OR Go to upload file and we will change your image so it will work.

Once your image is uploaded, you may edit it by resizing and rotating.  If you are using an embossed (black piece) and your image is black, you may invert the image to white using the STYLING BUTTON under the text.  Click on INVERT.

Please make sure your image is black and white and simple.  Vector Images or clip art images are the best.  Do not include images that have shadowing or are complex with thin lines and a lot of detail.   NO photos.  Simple is best.  Complex images will require a set up fee.

See below images for examples:

1)  SIMPLE - Best image type - black and white - vector type image

2)  COMPLEX - will require a set up fee

3)  WILL NOT WORK - image has shadowing



If you question if your image will work, please send us a copy of your image and we will let you know if there is a set up fee.  Simple images do not require a set up fee.

PLEASE DO NOT INFRINGE COPYRIGHT LAWS.   We reserve the right to refuse to use images or text that is not tasteful.  If your image will not work, we will refund your money and send you an email explaining what we need to change to make your image work and set up fees. 

Method 2:  Uploading a file

When you have an image that you question, or for ALL FAMILY CREST jewelry, please upload your image and we will get back to you with a set up fee.  If your image is simple, we will add your image in our image library or we will add your image to your desired jewelry piece for you and you can open and continue designing your piece at no extra cost to you.   

To upload your own image, please go to SPECIAL ORDERS/CONTACT US - UPLOAD FILE