The truth about diamonds


Did you know we do more than just personalized jewelry? With over 35 years of combined experienced in jewelry making, we can create any custom piece, including engagement rings! The most common gemstone for engagement rings is by far diamond. 

diamond halo engagement ring round cut

As the old saying goes, diamonds are forever. No other stone is as elegant or as timeless as a diamond. However, a lot of people are misinformed about them. A lot of sources lead you to believe that most diamonds are unethical blood diamonds or that they aren't worth what we think they are. These statements are false.

Only about four percent of diamonds in the industry are blood diamonds and of those, most of them are sold outside the U.S. It is good to ask your jeweler where they source their diamonds but it is very unlikely that the diamonds you find at your local jeweler are conflict diamonds. 

Are diamonds rare?

diamonds - are diamonds rare?

A lot of people argue that diamonds are not rare and should not cost as much as they do. While it is true that diamonds themselves are not rare, natural large diamonds are. Generally, it takes a natural diamond measuring at least two and a half carats to get a flawless, commercial grade gemstone. In order to obtain that natural diamond, one must dig 100 miles beneath the Earth's surface. According the Gemological Institute of America, the average yield in most diamond mines is 1 part diamond to 1 million parts host rock. That means you would have to dig up 1 millions pounds of rock to find 1 pound of diamonds! 

It is also important to understand how diamonds are cut and the amount of work that goes into them. Diamonds don't come out of the earth sparkling. They go  from this:

rough cut diamond straight from the earth

into this:

diamond cut and polished

Extensive knowledge and specialized tools are required to turn a rough stone into a beautiful faceted gem. All the diamonds we purchase are ethically sourced and individually inspected to ensure quality. Each diamond is carefully cut and polished and we only select the best! 

When you purchase a diamond, you are purchasing something that has taken 1-3 billion years to form and symbolizes eternal love. This beautiful stone is the hardest substance on earth and is made to last forever. To conclude, diamonds are not overrated. They are beautiful, valuable and truly are forever.