Travel inspired jewelry

Looking for the perfect thing to remember your trip by? Consider a custom piece of travel inspired jewelry! Whether you're an American traveler of an International traveler, these pre designed templates allow you to create the perfect personalized piece. The best part is, unlike a lot of the cheap souvenir jewelry you see in touristy areas, our necklaces are truly made to last!

Oval London travel necklace with Big Ben

Custom oval Alaska travel necklace with state outline

Custom Hawaii travel necklace with state outline

London Travel Bar Necklace with city skyline

Custom Square New York travel necklace with city skylineRound Paris travel necklace with city skyline

Custom Rome travel necklace with landmark and olive branches

You can also create your own design using our design tool! This is a great option if you want to represent multiple places on a single necklace.

Custom souvenir jewelry - oval necklace with names of countries