For the LDS Missionary Mom

Let's be honest, no one misses an LDS missionary quite like their mother does. And no one loves a missionary quite like their mom does! My mom has always told me, "No one will ever love you like you mother does." And it's true. No one knows you in the same way that your mom does. 

My poor mom had not one, not two but four missionaries out at once! For about a year, my older sister, my younger twin brothers and I were all serving LDS missions across the United States. As you can imagine, she missed us dearly. But she did an amazing job of making sure we knew we were remembered and loved. All of us were richly blessed from our experiences and our reunion was sweet. 

Whether you're the mom of one missionary or four, our custom missionary jewelry is the perfect way to honor and celebrate your son or daughter serving the Lord. You can use one our templates to create a pin or pendant or create your own unique design.